Tree and Bench Memorials

Providing a bench for quiet reflection or adding to the beauty of the cemetery with a tree or a statue are options for families looking for a way to memorialize their loved ones beyond the traditional monument or grave marker.

Having a bench or statue placed or a tree planted with an engraving or a bronze plaque provides another tangible way for families to honor the memory of a loved one while contributing a sense of serenity to the cemetery.

In Memory Of
Birth Year - Death Year

Tree Options

Trees are placed as close as possible to gravesites or in memorial gardens near the mausoleums. Each tree includes an 8"x6" bronze plaque with the following inscription placed at the base of the tree.

Option Size Guarantee Plaque
5-6 Feet 1 Year-Tree 6 x 8 Inch
11-13 Feet 1 Year-Tree 6 x 8 Inch
6-7 Feet 1 Year-Tree 6 x 8 Inch
10-12 Feet 1 Year-Tree 6 x 8 Inch
11-13 Feet 1 Year-Tree 6 x 8 Inch

Bench Options

Benches are of granite, in a variety of shapes and colors, and are placed beside walkways or common areas. Each is engraved with an appropriate memorial.

We reserve the right to limit the number and/or type of trees and benches within any area of the cemetery.