Funeral Arrangements

Each interment requires the authorization of the lot owner or the person authorized by law. An AUTHORIZATION TO INTER FORM will be required when scheduling an interment.

Interment orders will be accepted at the Cemetery and must be at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled interment. The following information is required before an interment order will be accepted by the cemetery: Name ,birth date and location, death date and location of deceased, specific interment space to be used, name of the funeral director, date of interment and time of church Service or arrival at the Cemetery, name, address and telephone of the next of kin, and proper authorization.

Interments that require our employees to complete the interment after working hours are subject to a surcharge because the cemetery incurs additional expenses for overtime work. The surcharge applies for every part of an hour after 4:00 PM weekdays until all work related to the interment is completed. Families arranging services should note that generally, one to one and one half hours are required to complete an interment after the conclusion of the committal service.

An overtime fee also applies for interments on Saturdays and Holidays. In both instances the cemetery incurs additional expenses for overtime work. On these days all hours worked are at premium rates.

An approved outer container (vault) is required for all interments except infants. Approved vaults are available through the cemetery. If vaults are purchased other than at the cemetery, a vault setting permit fee will be charged

Two traditional interments are allowed in one grave provided the first interment is made at a depth that will allow a second; a surcharge applies for the second interment right. Additional cremation interments may occur above traditional interments on any family grave site. Consult with the Cemetery office for more information.

The scattering of cremated remains within the Cemetery is prohibited. Scattering of cremated remains any where in Utah is also against state.

All interments, entombments, or inurnments will be performed in private by employees or agents of the Cemetery, unless prior arrangements are made when scheduling the interment. Duly licensed funeral directors or undertakers must produce their current certificate of registration upon request.

To eliminate misunderstandings, the family of the deceased is required to personally visit the cemetery for all at-need selections.

Complete current rules and regulations are on file at the Cemetery office. Please refer to the Cemetery Office for clarification of Rules and Regulations, policies, or for further information concerning cemetery matters. Persons other than Cemetery officials are not authorized to conduct business for the Cemetery.


This is a brief overview of the options available at Mt. Calvary Cemetery. Our staff is always available to assist you. If you'd like to learn more about your choices, please call the cemetery office for more information.

Only you can decide what is best for your family.

Traditional Burial Options are available. Graves are available for upright monument memorialization or lawn level markers. We offer a double depth burial option. Each grave is designated to allow 2 vaults in a single burial space.

Lawn Crypts provide burial space for two in a pre-installed, double depth concrete chamber. Lawn crypts allow a family to provide for the majority of their cemetery needs at an affordable package price: burial space, outer container and lawn-level bronze memorial with vase.

Community Mausoleums offer a number of options to meet the preferences and budgets of those families that prefer above ground entombment. The price of a mausoleum crypt can compare favorably with the total cost of ground burial. Cremated remains may also be entombed in a niche in a community mausoleum.

Cremation Urn Gardens provides in-ground inurnment in a special garden area developed specifically for the placement of urns.

Garden Columbaria are specially designed for families choosing cremation and above ground inurnment. This area may have walkways, benches and landscaping in an intimate setting within the cemetery grounds.

Cremation Burial in Family Plots is an affordable option that allows more family members to rest closely together.


Interment (Opening and Closing of Site)1

Adult Ground
Infant Ground
Mausoleum Crypt
Cremated Remains Ground
Columbarium Niche
1 Surcharge for weekday interments requiring work after normal workday for groundskeepers per each 1 hour or part thereof. Surcharge for Saturday interments. Surcharge for Holiday interments.

Burial Vaults

Basic Concrete Vault
Oxford Vault
(Silver, Copper or Rose color; with liner and rubber seal)

Grave Spaces

Grave Spaces Single Depth
Grave Spaces Double Depth
Infant Grave
Infant in Family Grave
Cremated Remains Graves-1 Interment
(Includes Bronze Memorial & Urn/Canister)
Cremated Remains Graves-2 Interments
(Includes Bronze Memorial & Urn/Canisters)
Double Depth Lawn Crypts
(Includes Bronze Memorial)

Mausoleum Crypts

Single Crypts
Companion Crypts

Columbarium Niches

Mausoleum Niches
Garden Niches

Bronze Memorials 2

(For more information see Bronze Memorials)

2 Prices for memorials purchased from the cemetery include foundation and installation.