Catholic Foundation of Utah

Catholic Foundation of Utah

Our Mission

The Catholic Foundation of Utah was established to strengthen the Catholic Church in Utah and serve both its present and future needs, through the promotion of permanent, endowed funds. 

Who We Are

Founded in 1984, the Catholic Foundation of Utah is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, dedicated to providing financial support for the Catholic Church in Utah.  


What We Do

The Catholic Foundation assists donors in creating a meaningful and lasting impact through planned giving and charitable family named endowments. Additionally, the Foundation works closely with the charitable entities designated as beneficiaries. We manage 425 endowments, which distribute nearly a million dollars annually, to Catholic beneficiaries statewide. We continue to grow that support with gifts large and small. 

We help you match your giving with your heart. 

Who Benefits

Catholic Foundation of Utah endowments provide vital support to these and other Catholic entities throughout our diocese: 


Rural church development and expansion 

Priest and Seminarian formation 

Catholic schools and academic scholarships 

Youth ministry 

Bishop’s Future Fund 

Catholic Community Services 

Hispanic Ministry 

The Good Samaritan Program 

Why Give Through US

The Catholic Foundation of Utah offers you a way to leave your legacy uniquely aligned with your Catholic values and beliefs. Donors enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that their gift directly supports the Catholic organizations that mean the most to them. 

Department Contacts

Nevah Stevenson

Nevah Stevenson

Executive Director, Catholic Foundation of Utah

Marlee Garcia

Marlee Garcia

Foundation Engagement Coordinator, Catholic Foundation of Utah

Candice Greenwald, MACC, CPA

Candice Greenwald, MACC, CPA

Diocesan Chief Financial Officer

Yvonne Martinez

Yvonne Martinez

Accounting Specialist, Finance, CFU