Memorials: General Information and Requirements

Bronze memorials for installation in the Cemetery may be purchased at the cemetery office. Engraved granite memorials may be purchased at any of the local monument companies. Each has been provided with the monument requirements of Mt. Calvary Cemetery. More detailed information may be found in "Regulations"; however significant highlights are excerpted below.

The Cemetery reserves the right at all times to prescribe the kind, design, size, symbolism, crafting, quality and material of all memorials or inscriptions placed in a cemetery. All owners or anyone duly authorized to act for and in behalf of an owner, before ordering any memorials or inscriptions, must secure from the Cemetery written approval of the design, size and lettering style.

Any non-religious design depicted on a memorial must be subordinate in size and presentation to the religious design. The cemetery will not allow any design deemed offensive.

Lots, crypts or niches must be paid for in full before memorial work is installed.

All memorials must be set on uniform lines as prescribed by the Cemetery.

Should any memorial become unsightly, dilapidated, illegible or a menace to visitors, or not in compliance with these rules and regulations, the Cemetery shall have the right either to correct condition or to remove the same at the expense of the owners.

Installation of Veteran markers must conform to cemetery regulations, specifications, and with current VA regulations. VA form 40-1330 should be accompanied by a Memorial Installation Application and payment of the installation fee.