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10,000 Utah students received the Utah Fits All $8,000 scholarship for the 2024-2025 school year

We are thrilled to announce our full support for The Utah Fits All Scholarship, a remarkable opportunity offering a $8,000 scholarship to make Catholic education accessible to every family. With this scholarship, you can enroll your child in any of Utah's 16 outstanding Catholic schools for their education.

Why Choose a Utah Catholic School?

At the heart of Catholic education lies a commitment to nurturing young minds and souls in a loving and faith-filled environment. For over 150 years, Utah Catholic Schools have embodied this philosophy by combining academic excellence with Christian values, providing a holistic approach to education that fosters intellectual growth, moral development, and a strong sense of community and unity.

Students in Utah Catholic Schools benefit from a safe and welcoming environment that embraces individuals from diverse ethnic and faith backgrounds, creating an inclusive atmosphere where every student can thrive.

With a Christ-centered approach, these schools are dedicated to faith formation, academic excellence, and fostering each student's individual growth, laying a solid foundation for a better tomorrow in our communities and society.

Benefits of Catholic Education

Transformative Learning: A faith-based education encourages students to grow, both academically and spiritually, fostering a deep understanding of their place in the world and their role as compassionate, responsible citizens.

Inclusive Environment: Catholic schools welcome children from all walks of life, promoting diversity and embracing every student's unique qualities, talents, and learning styles.

Empowering Values: Students are instilled with core values such as compassion, respect, and social responsibility, empowering them to make a positive impact on their communities and the world

Breaking Barriers for Faith-Filled Education

The Utah Fits All Scholarship is a true game-changer, removing financial obstacles and ensuring that Catholic education is within reach for every family. Regardless of income level, we wholeheartedly encourage you to seize this opportunity and embrace the transformative gift of faith-based education!

This remarkable initiative turns dreams into reality, offering children unparalleled access to tailored Catholic education. Gift your child the life-changing experience of a faith-filled education and watch their potential soar in a nurturing and faith-filled environment.

Who Qualifies To Receive A Scholarship?

The Utah Fits All Scholarship is open to every K-12 child who is a resident of Utah, regardless of their current educational setting. Whether they attend public or private school, are homeschooled, or just begin kindergarten, every child is eligible to apply to receive the full scholarship.

Embrace the Opportunity

Every child learns differently! Utah Fits All Scholarship and Utah Catholic Schools celebrate this diversity. Let your child thrive in a learning environment that fits their unique style and needs.

If you have received the Utah Fits All Scholarship, congratulations.  If you did not receive the scholarship or are just learning about it, get all the information you need on the Utah Fits All webpage.  Applications will open again in early 2025.

What is Utah Education Fits All?

Utah Education Fits All is a non-profit organization and is not the program manager for the Utah Fits All Scholarship nor affiliated with the Utah State Board of Education. 

More information at www.ufascholarship.com or call 1-866-498-3321 to talk to a representative.