Children's Circle of Grace Training Program

Circle of Grace

Annual Training of Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 is Required.

Site Administrators can access the training by selecting the Resources icon in the CMG Connect database platform.

What is the Circle of Grace?

It is the love and goodness of God that surrounds us and all others.  It is the recognition that God is with us always and is there to help us in difficult situations.  Through the Circle of Grace Program, adults assist children and youth to recognize God’s love by understanding that each of us lives and moves within a Circle of Grace.  Your Circle of Grace holds who you are in your body and through your senses. It holds your very essence in mind, heart, soul, and sexuality. An added benefit to the Circle of Grace program is that instructors also have the opportunity to ponder their own belief and experience God’s presence in their own lives. 

What is the goal of Circle of Grace?

The goal of the Circle of Grace program is to educate and empower children and youth to actively participate in a safe environment for themselves and others. Children and youth will understand they are created by God and live in the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Where do I find Circle of Grace Materials?

All parishes and schools are provided with and have on-line access to the Circle of Grace materials (i.e., Director of Religious Education or Principal/Theology Educator). Circle of Grace curriculum materials are available for authorized site administrators with access to the CMG Connect Database Platform. If you are a Director of Religious Education, Principal, Theology Teacher or Safe Environment Coordinator and need access to the materials, please contact the Diocesan Office of Safe Environment.