Bishop's Leadership Society

The Bishop’s Leadership Society was established in 2004 to recognize those people who support Diocesan ministries through significant annual gifts to the Diocesan Development Drive. These gifts ensure the Catholic Church in Utah continues to care for the pastoral needs of families, their children, and the many others who seek help through Diocesan ministries, programs, and services. The theme of the Bishop’s Leadership Society Fiat Voluntas Tua, from the Lord’s Prayer, Your will be done, is the episcopal motto of Bishop Solis taken from his Coat of Arms.

As a participant in the Bishop’s Leadership Society, you will be included in special mailings, receive invitations to special events, and receive a memento of Bishop Solis’ Coat of Arms.

Levels of Giving

Representing the Diocesan side of the Bishop’s Coat of Arms, four levels of giving are offered to reflect each parishioner’s personal response to the call of stewardship.

Splendor of the Father:


The cross that emblazons the sail of the ship calls to mind the Father’s love in sending Jesus, His only son.

Star of the Sea:


On the waves of the Great Salt Lake, this symbolism derives from the third-century writing of St. Hippolytus: The world is a sea, in which the Church, like a ship, is beaten by the waves but not submerged.

Light of Christ


The comet above the ship’s sail is taken from the Coat of Arms of Pope Leo XIII, during whose pontificate the Diocese of Salt Lake was erected in 1891.

Anchor of Faith


The ship at sail represents the
Catholic Church of Utah