Bishop's Leadership Society

The Bishop’s Leadership Society was established in 2004 to recognize those people who support Diocesan ministries through significant annual gifts to the Diocesan Development Drive. These gifts ensure the Catholic Church in Utah continues to care for the pastoral needs of families, their children, and the many others who seek help through Diocesan ministries, programs, and services. The theme of the Bishop’s Leadership Society Fiat Voluntas Tua, from the Lord’s Prayer, Your will be done, is the episcopal motto of Bishop Solis taken from his Coat of Arms.

As a participant in the Bishop’s Leadership Society, you will be included in special mailings, receive invitations to special events and receive a memento of Bishop Solis’ Coat of Arms.
  • Memento of the Diocese

  • Special correspondence from the Bishop

  • Invitation to diocesan events

  • Invitation to the Annual Bishop’s Leadership Society Gathering



The Diocese of Salt Lake City is very grateful to the following for their participation in the Bishop's Leadership Society at the level of the Splendor of the Father. This supreme gift, which constitutes our salvation, underscores the splendor of our loving Father who loves us so much that he did not shrink from making such a supreme sacrifice. Your generosity is a reminder of the sacrifices we are all called to make in order to build up the Body of Christ and to announce the Good News to all the world.


You will notice on our diocesan coat of arms the symbolism of the waves of the Great Salt Lake. This derives from a third century writing of St. Hippolytus. The world is a sea, in which the Church, like a ship, is beaten by the waves but not submerged. The Star of the Sea members help to fund the thirty ministries, programs and services of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City. Because of their generosity, the Diocese is able to meet the growing needs of vocations, religious education, diaconate formation, rural mission outreach, persons with disabilities, and the many other pastoral programs. We are very grateful to the following for their participation as Star of the Sea members.


You will notice on our diocesan coat of arms the star in the heavens, calling to mind Christ, who is the light of the world. In an age where so many people suffer from the darkness of war, violence and need, we certainly need the illumination that only Christ can give us. The generosity of the following Bishop's Leadership Society members enable us to bring light to people here in our diocese through our pastoral programs, thus building up the Body of Christ and announcing the Good News to many in Utah.


You will notice on our diocesan coat of arms the ship at sail, representing the Catholic Church of Utah. Like that ship, our Church needs a solid anchor to ensure that we do not float off course. The following Bishop's Leadership Society members are that important anchor for us in the Diocese of Salt Lake City and we thank them for their generosity.


Upon completion of the fifth year of membership in the Bishop's Leadership Society, members will receive a replica pin of the Diocesan Coat of Arms. This represents the placement of their name into the Book of Gratitude, which resides in the Archives of the Diocese of Salt Lake City.

“Remain in me, as I remain in you. Just as a branch cannot bear fruit on its own unless it remains on the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in me.

— John 15:4