2021-2024 Synod

August 29, 2023
Archbishop Paul Dennis Etienne shares his reflection of the Prepartory Meetings for the North American Delegation that began on the Synod.  He includes a full list of participants for the Synod, but the participants for this prepartory meeting are: Cardinal Robert McElroy, San Diego, Mr. Wyatt Olivas, Cheyenne, Archbishop Timothy Broglio, Archbishop of Military Ordinariate, Cardinal Blase Cupich, Chicago, Sr. Leticia Salazar, San Bernardino, myself, Bishop Robert Barron, Winon-Rochester, Bishop Daniel Flores, Brownsville, Dr. Cynthia Bailey-Manns, St. Paul-Minneapolis, Ms. Julia Osaka, Philadelphia, and Rev. Ivan Montelongo, El Paso.

July 7, 2023
Pope Francis appoints more than 450 participants, including dozens of religious men, women and lay people from around the world to attend the first general assembly of the Synod of Bishops on Synodality in October.  363 cardinals, bishops, priests, religious and lay men and women will be voting.  This is a historic first, as Pope Francis is now allowing women to vote.  Soon to be added will be nonvoting members that will consist of experts and representatives from non-Catholic Christian communities.  This session will take place on Oct. 4-29, 2023.  For a list of participants and the full article by Catholic News Service, click here.

June 20, 2023
English | Español Instrumentum Laboris

"The Instrumentm Laboris (IL) is an opportunity for the entire People of God to continue the journey that has begun, and an opportunity to involve those who have not been involved so far," said Cardinal Mario Grech, Secretary General of the General Secretariat of the Synod.  It is a culmination of the input from people from around the world at the local, national, and continental levels.  The IL serves as a working document for those attending the Synod and will help all of us follow along the path of important questions that feed the discernment ahead.

March 1, 2023
English | Español | French North American Continental Final Document
On January 26, 2023 the English, French, and Spanish continental assemblies concluded the listening sessions and the above document was drafted and finalized in the following months.  Five priorities were identified and directed to the Synod in Rome: (1) Integration of synodal consultation in the local Churches. This would include formation both in synodality and in the spirituality of discernment; (2) The challenge of welcoming those who feel excluded from participation in the life of the Church in a manner that is authentic and faithful to the Gospel and the Catholic faith weighs heavily on the hearts of our people; (3) Co-responsibility; (4) Addressing the unity and communion of the Church in the midst of various kinds of polarization and division; (5) A Church that goes out to the peripheries.

May 1, 2022
English | Español Diocese of Salt Lake City Synthesis

Rev. John Evans

It is with sincere appreciation for all those who submitted their local parish reports by the deadline and were able to provide valuable feedback to the bishops and pope.  We submitted our report to the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops in Washington, D.C., and we now post it above in both English and Spanish.

There are numerous quotes throughout the document from the people of God from all over Utah.  There were so many thoughtful comments worthy of deeper reflection and consideration in our local parishes, schools, and other institutions.  We did our best to capture the sentiments, but it was impossible to include every good comment.

What is important is that we "journey together toward God faithfully."  How we prayerfully take to heart the sentiments, and wider implications of this report, will help us spiritually grow, and be kinder and more welcoming.  Not everything in the report is being endorsed as a direction we should go.  Rather, it is the result of us listening to each other.  Some of what you read will become an encouragement, a call to holiness, but not all.  We must first know the feelings, thoughts, and faith of others beyond ourselves if we are to evangelize and work to journey together.

The synodal journey is only beginning, and it starts with listening.  You will discover that the results of his report will be utilized throughout the diocese on the local level, but also on a diocesan level.  In August 2022, Church leaders, both laity and clergy, reflected and discussed the Diocesan Pastoral Plan and how our report will inform this process going forward.  When the final report of the Synod is presented in October of 2024 in Rome, we will once again have the opportunity to reflect and incorporate the world-wide findings.

Thank you again to everyone who participated and shared your heart, your faith, your time, and your energy.  This endevour will continue to bear fruit in the coming years due to your generosity in sharing your experiences, thoughts, challenges, dreams and aspirations.  May God bless us in our synodal journey and building up the Body of Christ.


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