The Diocese of Salt Lake City is pleased to announce the Synod of Bishops 2023!  The people of God are being invited to journey together in giving input to the bishops throughout the world as to what is important to you, your aspirations and hopes.  It is the work of the Synod to first listen to the sense of the faithful and the people of God.  We are invited to listen to one another that we may better understand what is on our collective hearts and how we may journey together in this endeavor.  Every parish territory is being called to participate, please inquire with your local parish/pastor for details to when the listening sessions will occur in your area.  All listening sessions are being held between March 2, 2022 thru April 30, 2022.

Diocese of Salt Lake City

  • Parish Timeline
    March 2 thru April 30: Parish Listening Sessions

    Locked Pastor Packet | Parish Facilitator Packet | Table Packet | Extra Note Paper
    Locked Paquete Para El Sacerdote | Paquete Facilitador Parroquial | Paquete Para El Grupo | Notas Extras
    Locked Parish Synthesis Submission Form (Deadline: April 30, 2022)

  • Diocesan Preparatory Team
    January 31, 6:30 pm: Orientation Meeting
    February - April: Assist Parishes as needed with information
    May 1 - June 15: Diocesan Team will summarize the various synthesis responses
    June 19: Tentative celebration of the Synodal Process and Preview of the Diocesan Synthesis
    June 30: Diocesan deadline to submit 10 page synthesis report to the USCCB

  • Contact Information for your local parish territories

Supporting Documents & Resources