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The USCCB has an abundance of resources for parents.

You can access them here - USCCB Parents & Parenting

Uplift Families

Uplift Families is an initive sponsored by the State of Utah to support all parents as they navigate family life.  Conferences and workshops are held on a regular basis. 

For more information go to:  


Christian Family Movement

Parents gather for discussion on relevant topics, plan family activities, and learn to act for positive change. Go to Christian Family Movement for more information.

Utah Foster Care

Foster/Adoptive Parent Support 

Utah Foster care hosts ongoing support groups and workshops designed to help families in their choice to foster or adopt children. For more information go to

Grandfamilies / Grandparents

Are you raising your grandchildren?

Children's Service Society has developed "Grandfamilies". This program provides resources and activities specifically designed for your situation.

Contact Alyssa Taylor, SSW, Family Advocate, Grandfamilies Relatives as Parents Support Services @ Children's Service Society.

655 East 4500 South #200-Salt Lake City-UT -84107

D: 801.326.4394

T: 801.355.7444


World Day for Grandparents & Elderly

July 25th, 2021


Vroom Tips

This innovative app by VROOM assists parents and other adults to help young brains grow strong and flexible.  Behind every VROOM tip, there's brain-building science to help children 5 & under learn and develop. 

You can download the app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or text BABY to 48258.  Over 1,000 activities to help young brains grow strong. 

For more information go to:

Parenting Pointers ("By Susan Vogt,")


  1. July 2: if you live in the USA, how will your family celebrate Independence Day? Kids usually love fireworks (but babies don't). Many enjoy a meal with family and friends. But, independence does not mean freedom from work. What do you depend on each other in your family to do?


  1. July 9: Scripture tells us that prophets are often not recognized or valued in their own area. (Mark 6) So too it is with parents. Our kids don’t always recognize that we ask them to do hard things for their own good. You may not always be appreciated, but don’t give up.


  1. July 16: Do your kids spend too much time on the computer? Of course the internet can be a font of helpful knowledge, but it can also steal family time. Do you have family friendly computer rules, like only after jobs are done and no more than x hours a day?


  1. July 23: “Brothers and sisters…live…with all humility, gentleness, and patience.” (Ephesians 4:2) Which of these qualities is strongest or weakest in your family? Ask anyone old enough to choose one of these to work on today.


  1. July 30: Officially July 25 was “Parent’s Day.” But as any ‘working’ parent knows (and we all work even if we don’t get paid), it’s not always a holiday. If you didn’t take any time off work last Sunday, give yourself a break sometime this weekend.


  1. Aug. 6: When Jesus talked about being “the bread of life” the Jews didn’t understand what he meant and complained. Jesus responded, “Stop murmuring among yourselves.” (John 6: 43). Sometimes we complain about food too. What’s each family member’s favorite food? Can you treat each member to their favorite food sometime this week?


  1. Aug. 13: If your kids are of school age, it will soon be time to return. Most schools will be different post pandemic – even if it means going back to almost normal. Of course you’ll talk about this, but also listen – to what they’ve learned during 2020-21 and what they fear.


  1. Aug. 20: Children like stuff - a new bike or doll, perhaps the latest video game. If you consider their request an extravagance, can you help them “earn” it? Are there extra jobs around the house you can pay them for like raking the leaves or washing the car? (adapted from Family Minute)


  1. Aug. 27: “Be doers of the word and not hearers only,” (James 1-22) This scripture is followed by instruction to care for orphans and widows. Don’t know any orphans or widows? What about people without friends or money? This week find a way to care for someone alone or in need.