Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School


Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School provides one class for each grade level. The advantage of being a small school is our teachers know every student individually. Such attention to the spiritual, academic, and social well-being of each child creates an environment where children discover their inherent gifts and gain confidence in themselves. Parents and teachers together foster the loving yet challenging environment for our children to grow in faith, knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. Saint Francis Xavier is a close-knit community of faculty, alumni and families dedicated to nurturing our students, fostering strong home and school relationships and academic excellence, rooted in God’s love for all. We believe that the spiritual, academic, and social aspects of every child form the foundation for their lifetime. Forty percent of the students qualify for the free or reduced lunch program and eighty-five percent of the families are provided with tuition assistance. The school offers a learning resource program, after school academy, music, Spanish language studies, advanced math and other activities that promote educational growth.

Additionally, Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School offers an Extended Day Program that provides a safe environment for students before and after school, allowing for study time and structured activities. The school is involved in several community service projects reinforcing in Saint Francis Xavier students the importance and rewards in serving others.

Fred B. Tedesco was a hardworking, caring man, and a dedicated father who strongly supported Catholic education for his children. The Fred B. Tedesco Endowment offers financial assistance to those hardworking and committed families who understand the sacrifices needed to enable their children to attend Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School, but still require financial assistance.

The Catholic Foundation of Utah endowments play a crucial role in the financial visibility of Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School. The Catholic Foundation of Utah and the school’s endowments provide security annually and for the future.

Please help students today and future students of Saint Francis Xavier with
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Fred B. Tedesco Endowments
Saint Francis Xavier Regional Catholic School Scholarship Endowment
Saint Francis Xavier Regional School Endowment
Geraldine Conti Scholarship Endowment