Judge Memorial Catholic High School 2017


Judge Memorial is dedicated to its original mission of creating a community of faith and education for all students of the Salt Lake Diocese. This mission was inspired by the generosity of the Judge family as they wanted there to be a school that was inclusive by nature. We continue to carry this banner as we accept students to the school from a full range of socioeconomic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Judge has students of 17 different religions walking the hallways of Judge Memorial each day. 66% of our student body is on tuition assistance. No student is denied access to the Judge Memorial education based on an inability to pay. Judge will continue to inspire young minds and foster the academic, physical, social, and spiritual growth within each of the students entrusted in our care.

On December 8, 2017 Judge Memorial named their gymnasium the Coach Yerkovich Gymnasium. Jim Yerkovich graduated from Judge Memorial in 1961 and attended the University of San Francisco. Upon graduation, he returned to Judge Memorial to teach Math and coach basketball. He eventually became the Vice-Principal and continued to coach and teach Calculus. Over his 44 years at Judge Memorial he led his teams to 3 State Championships and 18 Region Championships. His teams competed on the local and national levels participating in the Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament in Washington, DC. His “WE” philosophy on a team and community approach garnered national praise and interest. His teams and players were fundamentally sound and prided themselves on Defense and Rebounding. Coach Yerkovich had a profound impact on his players that carried over to success in the classroom, community, and on the court. Judge Memorial is honored to celebrate Coach Yerkovich’s success and influence within the Judge community by naming the gymnasium and forming the Coach Yerkovich Endowment which will assist with tuition assistance for future Judge Memorial students.

The newly established Coach Yerkovich Endowment was established by Tim and Alli Gardner to honor Coach Yerkovich and continue his rich legacy at Judge Memorial Catholic High School. All are welcome to be a part of the generosity that began with Tim and Alli showing their appreciation and gratitude of the WE philosophy and spirit of Coach Yerkovich. No contribution is too small or too large, which means any former Judge student can proudly proclaim to be a school benefactor.

Carrying on the bulldog tradition is director of admissions and head basketball coach, Tim Gardner and principal, Patrick Lambert, both former students of Judge and two of the school’s leading advocates. As with many in the past, Judge’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders.


Please consider a contribution to the newly established endowments within
The Catholic Foundation of Utah benefitting Judge Memorial Catholic High School, including the
Ross Caputo Memorial Scholarship Endowment, the Clark Family Endowment,
the Matthew John Huffman Memorial Endowment, the Coach Yerkovich Endowment,
or any of the many other endowments created to assure Judge remains
the beacon it is in our community.