Skaggs Catholic Center Schools


 Juan Diego Catholic High School, Saint John the Baptist Middle and Elementary Schools are a result of countless contributions large and small which have provided a quality Catholic education to so many of our young people.

We want to share a glimpse of the story of a humble cleric from the Emerald Isle, Reverend Monsignor Terence M. Moore, who has been so instrumental in the development of these schools. Monsignor’s compassion, commitment, and inspiration yielded an endowment for the schools in his name which provides assistance to students at Saint John the Baptist Middle and Elementary Schools and Juan Diego Catholic High School.

In 2008, Lindsay and Laura Atwood, wanting to impact future generations of Catholic education students, established an endowment through the Catholic Foundation of Utah. The Atwoods suggested the endowment be named after their beloved Monsignor Moore with funding for tuition assistance to deserving students. The contribution, coupled with a matching challenge, has provided tuition assistance to 78 students to date. Thanks to the Atwoods' commitment and the support of hundreds of other benefactors, the endowment is growing and assures continued assistance to future students.

Monsignor Moore frequently stresses the importance of a healthy Catholic education experience maintaining that environment is why parents are willing to entrust their children to us eight hours of every school day.

Monsignor believes we have the ability through Catholic education to celebrate the Sacraments, Christian Values, and Social Justice Principles and Values. As he shares, “We rise and fall together; we are all brothers and sisters. We have the privilege of promoting our Catholic values and forming our young people in the image of Christ”.

Students who receive tuition assistance from the Reverend Monsignor Terence M. Moore Endowment must maintain their grades in accordance with their ability and be involved in the community through their parish, school, and/or a social justice project. In addition, the students must show a commitment to give back or to pay forward the benefits they’ve been rewarded.

The Catholic Foundation salutes you Monsignor Moore for the man lives you have enriched. You remain an inspiration to us all and we thank you.

You can contribute to this named endowment that benefits the students of Juan Diego Catholic High School and Saint John the Baptist Middle and Elementary Schools while at the same time giving a gift to honor Monsignor Moore by contribution to:

 ~ Reverend Monsignor Terence M. Moore Endowment