Kearns-Saint Ann Catholic School


Late in the Nineteenth Century, the legendary Senator Thomas Kearns and his wife, Jennie, funded and constructed an orphanage in Salt Lake City to be staffed by The Congregation of The Sisters of The Holy Cross. This two-and-a-half story brick structure was designed by Carl M. Neuhausen, architect for the Thomas Kearns Mansion and the Cathedral of the Madeleine. Considerable support was generously given by the Patrick Phelan estate when an endowment was established for the orphanage. For more than half a century, the site served as home to the student body of Kearns-Saint Ann School.

In 1953 the orphans were moved to foster homes in the area and soon thereafter The Sisters of Charity opened the doors of the newly appointed Kearns-Saint Ann School. For more than sixty years Kearns-Saint Ann has embraced its storied history and continues as a symbol of faith, hope and love.

Today the Kearns-Saint Ann campus includes Saint Ann Catholic Church, the recreation center, cafeteria, the rectory, and the expansive Thomas Kearns Sports Complex. Within the walls of Kearns-Saint Ann School, the ministry of Saint Ann Parish togerther with its parents provides for a quality education nurturing a deep love of God, academic excellence, respect, responsibility, and Christian values.

Kearns-Saint Ann Catholic School educates 185 students from pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade with experienced educators honoring the mandate to “teach as Jesus did”. The make-up of Kearns-Saint Ann Catholic School is particularly notable for its broad and diverse student population from varied socio-economic backgrounds, dedicated faculty and staff, and its strong Catholic identity. Accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association and certified by the Utah State Department of Education, the school utilizes current text books, a group learning center, after school tutoring, interactive school boards, computer technology and a multitude of athletic programs in its daily curriculum.

Kearns-Saint Ann School is carrying out the mission of Catholic education, to provide a quality education to children of all races and nationalities, with special emphasis on the poor. Eighty percent of the students at Kearns-Saint Ann School receive tuition assistance. Revenue from the Kearns-Saint Ann School endowments managed by The Catholic Foundation of Utah is critical to the survival and growth of Kearns-Saint Ann School.

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Jane Finn McCarthey Endowment
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