Dom and Ginny Albo 2012

To Know Them is to Love Them

Dom and Ginny Albo have been mainstays in Salt Lake City and The Catholic Community for decades. To their many admirers, the most poignant and frequent characterization of these two is simply, “To know Dom and Ginny is to love them.” The Albos’ spirit is infectious, their generosity unyielding, and the breadth of their influence unmatched. The Catholic Foundation of Utah has been serving the needs of Utah Catholics for nearly 30 years, and Dom and Ginny have been there every step of the way.

Dominic Albo, an athlete and academic grew up in Helper, Utah, attending Carbon High School. Ultimately Dom emerged from the shadows of this historic Utah railroad town to attend medical school in St. Louis, Missouri, where he quickly found himself smitten with a beautiful, energetic coed at St. Louis University, the former Virginia Hogan. That romance continues to this day with Dom and Ginny celebrating a tight knit Albo Clan of seven children and nine grandchildren.

In 1961, after a medical residency in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the newlyweds settled in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Dom completed his surgical residency. They quickly established themselves as selfless givers and do-gooders in the emerging metropolis. Dominic has been a recognized general and vascular surgeon in Salt Lake City for over 50 years. A beloved doctor to many, Dom continues to practice and is a professor of Surgery at The University of Utah where he serves as a mentor to future doctors. Ginny, a graduate of the University of Utah, was mother to seven and the matron to thousands as she became recognized as a humble yet passionate advocate for nearly every significant and worthy community cause. Ginny has served as an active board member of The Catholic Foundation of Utah since 1998, and as President of The CFU. Together Dom and Ginny have logged more miles, hosted more gatherings, and enriched more lives through their collective Catholic Acts of Charity than one could ever imagine or in which this short narrative could do justice.

The Albos shrug off such platitudes and suggest, “God has truly blessed us in so many ways and we are grateful”. Ginny goes on to explain, “Our faith teaches us we all have a responsibility to reach out to help others and to be generous.” To that end, Dom and Ginny Albo have succeeded by any imaginable standards.

In the year 2000, Dom and Ginny established the Albo Family Endowment for Economic and Social Justice with The Catholic Foundation of Utah. The Albo endowment funds programs impacting issues of social and economic justice which have been identified and endorsed by The Catholic Church of Utah. Each year the endowment subsidizes many critical and often underfunded causes which dramatically impact the lives and condition of so many in our community. The Albos explained their decision, “We feel a deep commitment to The Catholic Church of Utah and originally planned on establishing a foundation. Ultimately we found it more practical and efficient to establish an endowment through The Catholic Foundation of Utah. Above all, we want to thank God, are grateful for what we have and want to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. The endowment allows us to have something in place for our children and grandchildren to continue giving long after we are gone.”

Despite the commitments to so many and so much, Dom and Ginny still find time to travel the world with friends and family, are world class cooks, and that same passion displayed in their benevolence is demonstrated in their outside endeavors. Percolating just under Dom’s Physician demeanor is a competitive soul who can pound a golf ball and was a long time Park City Ski Patrolman. Ginny, to no one’s surprise, is the consummate Mother/Grandmother, Den Mother to the Families’ annual Camp Albo, and ready friend to all, especially her University of Utah Utes.

The Catholic Foundation of Utah has been so enriched by their guidance and philanthropy of Dom and Ginny Albo. We can simply say, “To know you is to love you...Thank you Dom and Ginny.”