Saint Marguerite School: Small Classes - Big Hearts

Saint Marguerite Catholic School is a small school located in Tooele with a bright future. This year the school boasted a student body of one hundred fifty four with the addition of an 8th grade class. The new school building opened this year for our Pre-K through 2nd grade and the next construction phase will house the remainder of our student body. Completion of the second phase is anticipated to be completed in time for next school year.

Mr. Skaggs has graciously bestowed an additional grant to allow us to design, construct, and furnish Phase II, as well as additional space for a library and science lab (Phase III). We are so grateful for this overwhelming blessing and for the faith in our Parish and School Communities that a grant of this kind expresses.

Parents and students gravitate to Saint Marguerite for the small class size and personalized curriculum. Saint Marguerite never turns down admission to any student simply because they cannot afford the tuition. This tuition assistance program provides for over forty percent of the student body at an annual cost of $150,000. By way of example, one of our families currently has five children attending the school and they simply couldn't afford to have their children attend without this assistance. However, this generosity is not just a one way street. The students recognize the assistance and work very hard while the parents are always volunteering and providing energy to the school.

You may contribute to the endowments supporting Saint Marguerite Catholic School or consider establishing your own endowment:

  • Eugene S. and Audrey J. Barrett Endowment
  • Mark Emerson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Timothy and Sarah Sullivan Scholarship Endowment