Clergy Abuse Allegations


After conducting a thorough internal review of its clergy files, the Diocese of Salt Lake City is voluntarily posting this list of all priests against whom a credible allegation of sexual abuse of a minor has been reported since 1950. As this list reveals, most incidences of reported abuse occurred prior to 2002 when the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops promulgated its Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. As a result of this Charter, the Diocese of Salt Lake City has adopted and implemented Safe Environment policies and procedures to prevent sexual abuse of minors and to encourage the reporting of any past or present allegation of sexual abuse.

With the release of this list of priests and in an effort to demonstrate transparency and accountability, the Diocese of Salt Lake City will be retaining an independent committee of lay persons to review its internal files and verify the accuracy of the information provided in this list. Upon completion of the independent review, the Diocese of Salt Lake City will update its list if necessary and issue a public statement with information provided from the independent committee.

The Diocese of Salt Lake City is committed to ensuring the health and safety of young people within its community. Anyone who has been a victim of abuse or exploitation by clergy, religious or lay Church personnel and has not yet reported the incident is encouraged to do so. The Victim Assistance Coordinator is available to assist in making a report. The contact number for the Victim Assistance Coordinator is (801) 328-8641, ext. 344.

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