Building a culture that cherishes and protects every human life.

October - Respect Life Month

In October, the Catholic Church in the United States celebrates Respect Life Month, and the first Sunday of October is designated as Respect Life Sunday. 


A Prayer to St. Joseph, Defender of Life
Dearest St. Joseph,
at the word of an angel,
you lovingly took Mary into your home.
As God’s humble servant, you guided
the Holy Family on the road to Bethlehem,
welcomed Jesus as your own son
in the shelter of a manger,
and fled far from your homeland
for the safety of both Mother and Child.
We praise God that as their faithful protector,
you never hesitated to sacrifice
for those entrusted to you.
May your example inspire us also
to welcome, cherish, and safeguard
God’s most precious gift of life.
Help us to faithfully commit ourselves
to the service and defense of human life
—especially where it is
vulnerable or threatened.
Obtain for us the grace
to do the will of God in all things.

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  • St. Joseph Defender of Life Reflection (English/Spanish)


Walking With Moms In Need


Walking with Moms in Need is a year of service, supported by the USCCB, where Catholic parishes and communities "walk in the shoes" of local pregnant and parenting women in need. Everyone should know how to help moms in difficult circumstances. While not trying to turn Catholic parishes into pregnancy centers, we can support local pregnancy centers where they exist, and we can also find and share other resources with pregnant and parenting women. And where there are few local resources, we can create our own, based on the gifts of the parish community! 

We hope you and your parish will join us in this Year of Service. For more information on what you and your parish can do go to:

Learn more about the Diocesan Resources that have already been gathered -


Respect For Life

For more information on Respect for Life, please visit the Diocesan Respect For Life page