October is Pro-Life Month

October is Pro-Life Month!

Join us for one or all of the following events and keep checking back as new ones are added.

  • October is Rosary Month.Bishop Solis invites every Catholic to say the Rosary during this month.  Intention suggestions are:  An end to abortion: A call to respect all life from its beginning to natural end.  A call to treat the poor, the immigrant, the sick with the dignity and grace given to them by God.  A call for peace in our families.  An end to war and violence.  

  • Life Chain from October 6 at 1-2:30 p.m. 10600 South and State Stree in, Sandy.  This is a prayerful, silent witness asking for a an end to abortion. Signs will be provided.
  • 40 Days for Life--Begins September 25, 2019

Our Pro-life Partners - The following organizations are our partners in standing for life.  While some are not Catholic, they do value life and we work with them on a variety of projects;