Parent Education

Hello, Brain Builder--This innovative app by VROOM assusts parents and other adults to help young brains grow strong and flexible.  Behind every VROOM tip, there's brain-building science to help children 5 & under learn and develop.  You can download the app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or text BABY to 48258.  Over 1,000 activities to help young brains grow strong.  For more information go to:


September 28, 2019  Mark your calendars and register for the Uplift Families Parenting Conference!! Register here:  

Foster/Adoptive Parent Support 

Utah Foster care hosts ongoing support groups and workshops designed to help families in their choice to foster or adopt children. For more information go to

Are you raising your grandchildren?

Children's Service Society has developed "Grandfamilies". This program provides resources and activities specifically designed for your situation. Contact Alyssa Taylor, SSW, Family Advocate, Grandfamilies Relatives as Parents Support Services @ Children's Service Society. 655 East 4500 South #200-Salt Lake City-UT -84107 D: 801.326.4394- T: 801.355.7444 or ,

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