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Marriage and Family

Every family is called to be a place of prayer, service, and love – a “little Church of the home.” Families naturally do this in their day-to-day lives: “The spirituality of family love is made up of thousands of small but real gestures” (Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia, no. 315). They do this by strengthening the bonds of love among their members, and by asking the Lord’s presence into their homes. There are so many ways to make your family a domestic Church, and the content here can provide guidance and support.

USCCB Marriage & Family Resources

Marriage Resources

Witness to Love: Be Light Date Night Series

Marriage Renewal Date Night Series

The Witness to Love marriage apostolate offers a Marriage Renewal Date Night Series. This 5-part online series features couples who share real tips for renewing your marriage during this unique time in our lives. The apostolate also recently launched Be Light: Year of Belonging, which is the first year of a five-year movement to draw married couples closer together in Christ while being transformed into family missionary disciples. 

Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage

Created by the Augustine Institute, Beloved is a 12-part video series that explores the meaning of marriage and how to live it out together. Each session includes about 30 minutes of video content presented by well-known Catholic authors and speakers. The program is available online with a subscription to FORMED, a Catholic video and audio streaming platform. Also available in Spanish.


The Virtues Marriage Enrichment Series

Marriage Enrichment

John and Teri Bosio’s program for married couples, The Virtues, is currently available online so couples can watch it together at home. The program consists of 4 short videos about the cardinal virtues: Prudence, Justice, Courage, and Temperance. 

Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family

The Institute seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of person, marriage and family, faithful to the Catholic tradition in light of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and Pope John Paul II. For those seeking reflections on marriage from our Popes and modern writers, this is a helpful resource.

Reflections on Marriage from our Popes and Communio

Reflections on Marriage

St. John Paul II has a wonderful reflection: 

God’s Gift of Life and Love: On Marriage and the Eucharist.

For Your Marriage 

Utah Marriage Coalition

Relationship Resources



Other Marriage & Family Resources

The Popes Reflections on the Holy Family

The Pope Reflects on the Holy Family


Rooted in Love

Feeling a little stress in your marriage during this time of quarantine?  Dr. James Healy has provided a video series on how to work and improve your marriage during these times. These are short videos that provoke lots of thought and conversation.  These are free and you can subscribe and they will come to your inbox weekly.  Enjoy!  Jim Healy - Rooted in Love  


At Home with Faith

For family activities during this trying time, go here for weekly ideas At Home With Faith - Seattle Archdiocese 

Marriage Moments - 

("By Susan Vogt,")


  1. July 5: Independence and dependence are interrelated. Certainly each spouse should bring a free, unique spirit to marriage. Still, we need each other to help us when one or the other is in need and to complement each other’s strengths. What are your differences?


  1. July 12: “…take nothing for the journey.” (Mark 6:8) What? During summer when many people take trips isn’t this foolish? Perhaps the lesson for those at home is hospitality. How can we as a couple provide needs and comfort for those who have nothing or who are traveling?


  1. July 19: “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.” (Mark 6: 31) Sometimes vacations can be busy and full of visiting people. That’s not bad, but is your marriage in need of some quiet time away together - just by yourselves?


  1. July 26: “Love is work. It's good work, if you can get it. But it's work, nevertheless.'' (Benjamin Cheever) What’s the first work project that you and your spouse took on together – painting a room, washing the car, repairing a window, learning better communication skills?


  1. Aug. 2: Last Thursday, July 29, was Earth Overshoot Day– the day when we humans exhausted nature’s budget for 2021. But… we’re still alive. Good. Want to personalize this idea to your own home. Click here calculate your ecological footprint.


  1. Aug. 9: It’s summer. It’s hot in the northern hemisphere. How do you and your beloved keep cool? If you’re lucky enough to have air-conditioning. Be thankful and help someone who doesn’t. If you live in the southern hemisphere – just wait.


  1. Aug. 16: On Aug. 15 the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of The Assumption of Mary. Whether or not you are Catholic, however, there is another English meaning of “assumption” It’s risky in marriage to assumetoo much about your spouse. Do not assume that you will both be alive tomorrow. How might you treat your beloved today if tomorrow brings tragedy?


  1. Aug. 23: Whether or not you’ve been able to take a vacation this past summer, you can still dream. If money were not an issue and you had the time, where would each of you love to go? You don’t have to agree right now. This is just fantasy time.


  1. Aug. 30: Listening is not the same as being quiet. After the quiet must come an effort to show your spouse you understand. If you tend to be the less verbal spouse, make an effort to share your feelings and then show that you understand your partner’s feelings and position.