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PCCEF Position on the Duty and Role of Physicians

Physicians have the duty to safeguard human life, especially life of the most vulnerable: the sick, elderly, disabled, poor, ethnic minorities, and those whom society may consider the most unproductive and burdensome. Physicians are to use all knowledge, skills and compassion in caring for and supporting the patient. Medicine and physicians are not to intentionally cause death. The patient-physician trusting relationship is the most important asset of physicians and is for the protection of patients.

PCCEF Position on Physician Assisted Suicide
Physicians for Compassionate Care oppose Physician Assisted Suicide because:

  • Doctor assisted suicide undermines trust in the patient-physician relationship
  • Doctor assisted suicide changes the role of the physician in society from the traditional role of healer to that of the executioner
  • Doctor assisted suicide endangers the value that society places on life, especially for those who are most vulnerable and who are near the end of life.

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