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Who We Are

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A zest for learning – that's what is instilled in students at Utah Catholic schools. A focused curriculum, positive teacher expectations and firm but loving discipline combine to provide a powerful learning experience – one that compels students to reach their full potential and lead our world toward a better place.

Teachers develop rigorous courses that provide a fair and reasonable challenge to learning. The curriculum for all students is strongly academic with the development of study skills and enrichment through reading, the arts and use of technology. Schools follow the curriculum of the Diocese of Salt Lake City in compliance with national accreditation and state guidelines. The result is a progressive environment that promotes academic success, critical thinking skills and life-long learning.

Kids are naturally active. Utah Catholic schools give them positive outlets for expressing themselves physically. Through spontaneous exercise and play, as well as organized sports or performing arts, students build personal friendships, learn sportsmanship and develop a healthy competitive spirit.

Healthy eating and physical fitness are strongly encouraged. Tastefully designed school uniforms promote personal modesty and self-image. At the appropriate ages, students learn about human sexuality with an emphasis on safety, respect and care for their bodies.

Many schools provide a strong education. Utah Catholic schools go beyond academic learning, calling upon students to begin paving their pathway to God. This connection to their spirit sustains students through the trials of life...and ignites their ability to make a positive difference in the world.

Christian values and beliefs are lived out in daily life. Teachers make connections between knowledge and faith, and strive to instill an abiding sense of tolerance and compassion. Students participate in religious worship, personal and group prayer, and service activities. Within a supportive community of believers, social justice through service learning and activism is promoted for a better tomorrow.