II Personnel Policies

2100 The Principal as Leader for the School

2110 The Catholic School Assistant Principal

2200 Catholic School Teachers

2300 Catholic School Personnel Application

2310 Professional Qualifications and Search Procedures for Principals

2320 Catholic School Hiring/Appointment and Interim Appointment of Principals

2330 Background Evaluation - Employees and Volunteers

2400 Compensation

2410 Catholic School Contract 

2410.1 Time Line for Contract 

2420 No Contract Offered

2500 Employee Health Care

2510 Leave for Illness or Personal Reasons

2600 Prefessional Expectations for Principals and Teachers

2700 Professional Development

2710 Responsibility for Assessment

2800 Personnel Files

2910 Transfer of Employment within the Diocese

2920 Resignations

2930 References for Former Employees

Pastoral Directives

Lay Employees

Employee Leaves

Employee Benefits

Safe Environment Program

     Appendix A:  Code of Ethical Standards

     Appendix E:  Code of Conduct for Minors