Diocesan Policy for Catholic Schools


 The Administrative Handbook of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Salt
Lake City applies to all faculty and staff of the elementary, middle and high
schools of the Diocese of Salt Lake City. This online handbook supersedes all
prior handbooks and all Catholic School handbooks. Though the intent is to follow  the handbook, it may be necessary to deviate from policies to better address specific circumstances or concerns or to attend to matters not specifically covered by the handbook. The diocese reserves its right, at its sole discretion, and from time to time, to rescind, modify, amend and/or supplement this handbook, in whole or in part, at any time. To the extent the policies of the handbook conflict with any provision of the Pastoral Directives of the Diocese of Salt Lake City, the specific provision of the Pastoral Directives shall control unless express reference is made as an exception to the Pastoral Directives.

Editorial Notes:

     Fonts:  Two fonts have been used within the text of the Administrative Handbook.  

      Policy statements appear in Times New Roman font. Policies, procedures and/or guidelines are typed in Arial Narrow font. 

     Policy Numbering:  When a diocesan directive applies to the Catholic school, it is also Catholic school policy.  These policies are denoted with two lines: the first line states the policy number, the second line identifies it as a diocesan directive. The policy is the diocesan directive in its entirety.  All policies are printed on separate pages for ease of revision. For the same reason, no page numbers have been used.


Table of Contents

     Mission, Belief Statement
     Graduate Profile for Elementary/Middle Level
     Graduate Profile for High School Level

1000 Mission, Beliefs: Local School
1100 Accreditation
1200 Non-Discrimination and Compliance with Title IX Education Act
1210 Administration of Federal Government Programs
1300 Request for New School Openings
1310 Request for School Closing
1320 Expansion or Elimination of School Programs
1400 The Bishop
1400.1 Catholic School System
1410 Superintendent of Catholic Schools
1420 Role of the Pastor in the Parish with a School
1430 Catholic School Leadership
1440 Catholic School Governance Structures
1500 Directives for Catholic School Governance
1510 Parent Organization
1600 School Handbooks
1610 Calendar and Related Policies
1700 Release of Data
1710 Data and Forms for the Catholic Schools Office
1800 Required Postings
1810 Maintenance of Records

2100 The Principal as Leader for the School
2110 The Catholic School Assistant Principal
2200 Catholic School Teachers
2300 Catholic School Personnel Application
2310 Professional Qualifications and Search Procedures for Principals
2320 Catholic School Hiring/Appointment and Interim Appointment of Principals
2330 Background Evaluation - Employees and Volunteers
2400 Compensation
2410 Catholic School Contract
2410.1 Timeline for Contract
2420 No Contract Offered
2500 Employee Health Care
2510 Leave for Illness or Personal Reasons
2600 Professional Expectations for Principals and Teachers
2700 Professional Development
2710 Responsibility for Assessment
2800 Personnel Files
2910 Transfer of Employment within the Diocese
2920 Resignations
2930 References for Former Employees

Pastoral Directives
     Lay Employees
     Employee Leave
     Employee Benefits

Safe Environment Program
     Appendix A: Code of Ethical Standards
     Appendix E: Code of Conduct for Minors

3000 Admission Requirements
3010 Inclusion
3020 Respect for Persons with Disabilities
3030 International Students
3040 Pregnant Students
3110 Attendance/Absence
3120 Release of Students from School
3130 Students under Court Order or Released on Bail
3200 Supervision of Students
3300 Catholic School Discipline
3320 Harassment by Students
3330 Termination of Enrollment
3340 Student Withdrawal on Grounds of Parental Behavior
3400 Contact with Students during School Hours
3410 Search and Student's Right to Privacy
3460 Student Transfer
3500 Dress Code
3600 Report Cards
3610 Parent-Teacher Conferences
3620 Promotion/Acceleration/Retention of Students
3630 Graduation
3700 Student Cumulative Records

4000 Curriculum - Instructional Program
4010 Religious Education
4020 Controversial Issues
4030 Political Issues
4040 Protecting and Conserving the Environment
4100 Homework
4110 Tutoring
4200 Catholic School Testing
4210 Research
4300 Use of Technology and Social Media
4310 Copyright Laws
4400 Parties
4500 Field Trips
4510 Extracurricular Activities

Pastoral Directives
     Sacramental Directives
     Plans and Invitations for Speakers


5000 Emergency Cards
5010 Accident Reports
5100 Communicable Diseases
5110 Immunization
5120 Medication
5130 Wellness
5200 Safe Environment Program
5200.1 Sex Offender Policy
5300 Visitor Permits
5310 Loitering on School Property
5400 School Buildings
5500 Traffic Safety       
5600 Emergency Procedures 
5700 Weapons Policy       

Pastoral Directives
     Vehicle Safety Policy

6000 General Accounting Practices
6400 School Budget
6420 School Purchasing
6500 Parish Support
6510 Cost-Based Tuition and Fees
6520 Need-Based Fair Share Tuition
6530 Financial Responsibility
6600 Student Insurance
6610 Government Programs
6700 Fund Development
6710 Fund Raising
6720 Donations, Grants, and Endowments

Pastoral Directives
     Insurance and Taxes
     Liquor Liability
     Financial Procedures
     School Support and Expenditure Limits

Diocesan Finance manual for Pastors, Principals, Administrators,
     Financial Record Retention