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Diocese of Salt Lake City
Pastoral Center                                                                       

27 C Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103


Gary Topping, Archivist

Extension: 346


Bishop's Office

Most Reverend John C. Wester, Bishop of Salt Lake City

Marylin Acosta, Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Extension: 304

Black Catholics

Susan Northway

Extension: 326


Catholic Foundation of Utah

Jennifer Carroll

Extension: 306
Extension: 383


Catholic Schools Office

Sister Catherine Kamphaus, CSC, Superintendent                                                           Extension: 330                                                                                           

Sister Genevra Rolf, CSC, Associate Superintendent

Extension: 347


Sister Karla McKinnie, CSC, Director Special Needs Program

Extension: 334


Toni Glenn, Secretary
Extension: 329
Fax: 801.328.8643


Cemetery (Mt. Calvary)

John C. Curtice, Director

Phone: 801.355.2476
Fax: 801.328.3294


Lyle Crocker, Chancellor
Extension: 315
Trisha Norcross, Secretary
Extension: 317



Susan S. Dennin, Director

Extension: 362 


Computer Technology

Jeff Bringhurst

Extension: 379


Continuing Deacon Formation

Deacon Forrest Gray, Coordinator
Extension: 327


Deacon Formation

Deacon Drew Peterson, Director



Dolores Lopez, Coordinator

Extension: 333


Family Life

Veola Burchett, Director

Extension: 324



Joan Loffredo, Chief Financial Officer

Extension: 309

Lisa Jensen

Extension: 307 

Sergio Olvera

Extension: 308

Tiffany A. Martin
Extension: 371

Debra Candelaria

Extension: 310

Yvonne Martinez

Extension: 311

Government Liaison

Jean Hill

Extension: 335


Hispanic Affairs

Reverend Javier Virgen, Vicar for Hispanic Ministry

Extension: 358


Deacon Ricardo Arias

Extension: 358


Hispanic Ministry

Maria-Cruz Gray, Director

Extension: 361


Sandra Maxwell

Extension: 332  


Human Resources

Dolores Lopez, Director

Extension: 333


Intermountain Catholic

Marie Mischel, Editor

Extension: 340

Chris Young

Extension: 341


Arthur Heredia

Extension 356


Laura V. Saucedo
Extension 351


Jennifer C. Sparks
Extension: 342


Ruth Dillon, Director

Extension: 363


Virginia Rodriguez
Extension: 322



Extension: 354


Native American Ministry

Dolores Lopez

Extension: 333


Projects Coordinator

Karen Nelson

Extension: 345


Real Estate

Deacon George Reade

801.949.5617 (cell)

Extension: 364

Monday: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm

Thursday: 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm



Paula Langberg
Extension: 301


Religious Education

Susan Northway, Director

Extension: 326

Deborah Inzurriaga, Assistant

Extension: 357

Special Needs Program

Sister Karla McKinnie, CSC

Extension: 334


Spanish Communications

Reverend Omar Ontiveros


Stewardship and Development

John Kaloudis

Extension: 328


George LaDamus



Gloria Cisneros

Extension: 399


Susan Espinoza

Extension: 366


Reverend Langes Silva, Judicial Vicar

Extension: 312   


Viola Smith

Extension: 316


Vicar General

Reverend Monsignor Colin F. Bircumshaw  

Trisha Norcross, Secretary

Extension: 317


Victim Assistance Coordinator/Safe Environment

Colleen E. Gudreau

Extension: 362 



Deacon Ricardo Arias, Director

Extension: 358

Reverend Javier Virgen, Associate Director
Extension: 358  


Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Samantha Almanza, Director
Extension: 313

Deborah Inzurriaga, Assistant
Extension: 357