I Adminstration and Goverance

1000 Mission, Beliefs: Local School

1100 Accreditation

1200 Non-Discrimination and Compliance with Title IX Education Act

1210 Administration of Federal Government Programs

1300 Request for New School Openings

1310 Request for School Closing

1320 Expansion or Elimination of School Programs

1400 The Bishop

1400.1 Catholic School System

1410 Superintendent of Catholic Schools

1420 Role of Pastor in the Parish with a School

1430 Catholic School Leadership

1440 Catholic Schools Governance Structures

1500 Directives for Catholic School Governance

1510 Parent Organization

1600 School Handbook

1610 Calendar and Related Policies

1700 Release of Data

1710 Data and Forms for the Catholic Schools Office

1800 Required Postings

1810 Maintenance of Records